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Fall in love with something new

Someone asked over in the The Other Place, in an excruciatingly long-titled thread, about those presumably rare moments in hours and hours of listening to music when a chill runs down your spine and you remember why it is you listen to all that music. Lately I've been a bit worried about that: as handy as iPods are, having virtually every piece of music I've ever liked more or less instantly accessible seems desensitizing. Not only is it all there, but shuffle almost guarantees that it's impossible to forget a group or an album, because something is always randomly being dragged out of obscurity. Or you're scrolling through everything you own, looking for whatever specific song-whim you have, and being reminded in painful detail of it all.

But there's always something new coming along, and despite all odds, history is still spitting out diamonds. Just a few minutes ago I was listening to chezghost's radio and heard "Louise," an old Human League track. An electro version of that moment when Neil Young sends Crazy Horse off the stage and plays "The Needle and the Damage Done" on solo acoustic, it's just a relatively simple synth line and Phil's vocal, another little story that somehow builds up a head of emotion, and then lets it off in a one-line chorus. Amazing, and even moreso that I don't think I'd ever heard it before.

Other groovy stuff over the last few days: "Behave" by Charlotte Hatherley, and "Mon Homme Presse" by Valerie Leiullot (which I wrote about over on Neither of which seem particularly poptimist to me.
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